Think Pituitary

We are campaigning for improved and ongoing training for health care professionals who care for pituitary patients, regarding the importance of administering life-sustaining replacements. It is vital that people with conditions like adrenal insufficiency and diabetes insipidus feel safe going into hospital and able to trust they will receive the necessary treatment.

We hear too many stories of pituitary patients being denied their vital medications (e.g. hydrocortisone and desmopressin) when in hospital or A&E and it is unacceptable. These drugs should never be omitted.


This year we can't hand out physical leaflets to be pinned up in clinics and waiting rooms so we're relying on your social media, networks and innovative ideas to help spread the word. We'll be sharing posts on our social media accounts throughout the month with graphics and updates on the campaign so please ensure you follow, like, comment and share!

Ways to get involved

  1. Download our new Patient Safety documents below and carry them with you as a simple guide for anyone treating you :

  2. Share our posts on social media. There are downloadable graphics below you can use for your own posts too (these will be added to throughout the month). Don't forget to use #ThinkPituitary and #PituitaryAwarenessMonth

  3. Complete our Patient Care Survey to help us measure variation in HSE patient care across different areas and hospitals in Ireland:

  4. Order our new stickers to help alert others to your condition - available from 1st Oct

  5. Share the campaign and resources with anyone you can. Make the most of opportunities and networks to reach more people!

  6. If you want to discuss an opportunity, please email

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